Teen girl at the movies. Expect swoons.
Top Ten Fashion Films #10

Top Ten Fashion Films #10

R. Pattz arrives at the BAFTA’s. Teenage hearts explode.

R. Pattz arrives at the BAFTA’s. Teenage hearts explode.


Nick Twisp, played by Michael Cera, is a bit of a loner, the guy in your class who seems sweet, sheltered and absolutely presentable to your parents, should you wish to partake in social suicide by dating him . He has only one friend, “Lefty”, who creepily hovers over his thoughts of himself and his crush. Nick’s mother, a dirtbag-magnet has picked another winner in her beau Jerry, a representation of what Kevin Federline will look like in ten years, who lands the family in a ditch when he angers some sailors over a dodgy car deal. Apparently, sailors are an intimidating lot, forcing the dysfunctional Twisp unit to flee to a trailer park. Enter Sheeni Saunders, played by Portia Doubleday. Nick is immediately besotted, and the pair quickly form a romance, however, Sheeni can’t commit. She uses the manipulative charms of her doe-eyes, and bikini clad body to lure Nick away from his nice guy image.

Thinking that Sheeni is “the one” who will also be the girl to finally take his virginity, Nick creates an alter ego named Francois. When complications arise, such as Sheeni moving away to another school, the audience follows the adventures Nick and Francois take in order to be by Sheeni’s side; no matter how dangerous the mission may be.

Whilst watching Francois ruin Nick’s life, reputation and criminal record has it’s entertaining, belly-button tickling moments, the movie is highly predictable and caught somewhere between indie-pendant and commercial, Superbad style comedy. I say wait for the DVD and download the cheery soundtrack.


A great adaptation of Stephanie Myer’s second novel in The Twilight Saga *teen screams*. New Moon proves much more thrilling and true to the story that fans know and love. Directed wonderfully by Chris Weitz, it is lightyears ahead in style and the transition from page to screen is seamless in comparison to the first film, Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke which left many fans disheartened.

Teen idol, Robert Pattinson, uses his limited screen time well and really shines in Edward’s farewell scene with Bella where he leaves her behind in Forks to protect her from his supernatural world. At midnight screenings there were many tears and sympathetic head-tilts, only to be followed by a surge of hormones later as he takes off his shirt…v e r y … s l o w l y.

The torso-baring theme was continued (yay) in the newly buffed up members of the Quileute Wolf Pack. Seventeen year old (yes, really) Taylor Lautner does well in his performance as the aggressive young Jacob Black, a wolf struggling to handle his extraordinary, shape shifting powers as well as his heart-broken longing for the depressed and abandoned Bella who is too busy moping around, jumping off cliffs and throwing herself off motorcycles to notice him walking around La Push semi-naked (we noticed Jacob, bring those abs over here). I have to add that whilst the movie is already quite long at a mighty 130mins, screentime could have been used more effectively to draw on Bella’s support structure in spending time with the wolf pack and Emily. Instead of the recurring torture of Bella’s misery.

I fully sympathised with Bella Swan as she moseyed around Forks trying to kill herself, I felt the same watching Kristen Stewart’s mono-tone, mono-expression performance… AGAIN. Though I’ll give her credit, she was better in New Moon than in Twilight. But only in the way that a paper cut gets better, in that you know what to expect.

The casting of the Volturi, though not what I expected, was pleasing and I’m glad the multi-million dollar draw of the movie world invaded my imagination on this occasion. Dakota Fanning as the torturing Jane, is exceptionally creepy and may haunt my thoughts forever more. Michael Sheen’s performance as the Royal Leader of the Volturi is spine-chilling and does draw up a genuine fear that has made sure I shall never take a tourist trip to any cathedrals in Italy.

My star of the movie however was Billy Burke as Police Chief of Forks and Bella’s father, Charlie Swan. His witty comments and desperate misunderstanding of his teenage daughter (and her supernatural companions) is something familiar we can all relate to in this whirlwind of vampires and werewolves. Not to mention he’s a bit dishy, mothers of Twi-hards unite and take your daughters to the cinema this weekend, you will not be disappointed.


A Glasgow film theatre choc-full of lusting ladies and geared up gentlemen await the arrival - homecoming if you will - of Kilt-clad, heart-throb, Gerard Butler. The oestrogen infused air is in short supply as he walks through the door with a dazzling smile. 

The tallest cinema complex in the world, situated in Glasgow is the venue of choice for the premier of Paisley-born Butler’s latest action packed thriller, Law Abiding Citizen and the actor was delighted to bring the event to his home land, “To be able to come back to Glasgow and see that amount of people outside… you can’t ask for more than that”. He’s been a busy man as he not only stars as lead character, Clyde Shelton, in the film, but is also the producer with the movie being the first release of his production company, Evil Twins.

The action begins within 90 seconds, as two men break into Shelton’s home, attacking him, his wife and daughter in a horrific manner. Butler’s character is left bitter when Assistant DA Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), strikes a deal with one of the killers to testify against his partner for a 10 year plea bargain prison sentence. The deal unfolds a tirade of revenge crimes by Shelton who believes “the system must pay”, even from behind bars he continues to target everyone connected to the case that saw his family’s killer walk free after just ten years. 

Intensely thrilling, and one of Butler’s top three performances. Sure to be a hit with the ladies as Gerard appears with not a mere stitch in sight as the police seize him. A fantastic story-line and great writing with witty, dry comedy in places. This explosive film will keep people on the edge of their seats upon release on 27th November.

A great date-movie, action for guys and eye candy for the girls!